Ernest Hemingway



  1. he was born on July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois
  2. in high school he wrote for his school's newspaper, The Trapeze
  3. when he was a baby, his mother dressed him up like a girl

Early Adulthood

4. in WWI, he drove a red cross ambulance in Italy
5. A Farewell to Arms was based on experiences in Italy during World War I
6. Hemingway won a bronze star for his bravery during WWII

Hemingway's Writing Career

7. during his entire life, he wrote 7 novels, 6 short stories, and 2 nonfiction works
8. he won the Nobel Prize in Literature
9. he also won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction
10. he wrote over 8,000 letters in his lifetime

Hemingway's Wives and children

11. he had 4 wives
12. his first was Hadley Richardson and were married from 1921-1927
13. their child was John Nicanor Hemingway
14. his second wife was Pauline Pfeiffer and were married from 1927-1940
15. their children were Patrick and Gregory Hemingway
16. his third was Martha Gellhorn and were married for only five years, 1940-1945
17. his fourth and final wife was Mary Welsh

Other Interesting Facts

18. he was on a postage stamp in the U.S. in 1889
19. he was a hunter and killed many exotic animals
20. he went on a safari in Africa and was almost killed twice by two consecutive plane crashes
21. he also used to bull fight, he said it was a way to show off his masculinity
22. he had cats that had six toes while he lived in Italy, and cats with six toes are now called Hemingway cats
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