Laminar Flow

The fast one.

Lambhorghini Veneno

This car can go 0-100 Mph in 2.5 seconds. This car has a really smooth surface so it can go as fast as a shooting star. There are only 3 in the world because this car is super rare. Its rare because of its design and its speed. This car is meant to go really fast, with fast I mean really FAST. Thanks to Laminar flow this car can be a shooting star.

Sniper bullets

Sniper bullets are meant to kill,Kill and KILL. The bigger the sniper the faster the bullet. Sniper bullets are in between Laminar and Turbulent flow, because when you shoot the bullet its Laminar but when it hits you it turns into Turbulent flow.

Here Are Some Examples Of The Laminar Flow.

Animals with Laminar flow.


Since penguins cant fly god gave them another special super-power. Penguins can swim fast because of there smooth surface on the outside of them, so when they drop in the water their waterproof silky skin makes them look like someones shooting bullets in water