VCR 3 Presentation

Claire Su

Fill in the blank:

The ___________ observing the influx of migrants predicted they will increase the population's birth rate.
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Demographer (noun)

One who studies the characteristics of populations and analyzes data such as numbers, births, deaths, diseases, and other vital statistics.


Demos (Greek) - people

(study of people)

Different forms of the word

Demography: noun

- the study of human population


1) adj.

- relating to demography

Ex: The incoming migrants changed the demographic makeup of the town.

2) noun

-specific segment of the population with shared characteristics

Ex: The ad attempted to appeal to the younger demographic by portraying the product as cool and fun.


  • Population scientist
  • Anthropologist
  • Statician


No direct antonyms

Choose the sentence with the incorrect usage of the word

A. The polls showed one candidate as having a clear lead in the younger demographic.

B. Demographers have found the the population density in cities have increased within the last one hundred years.

C. The drastic change in death and birth rate shown by the census shocked demographers.

D. The rebels wanted to take down the dictatorship and replace it with a demography.

Correct answer...

D is incorrect. It uses demography in the place of democracy.