The Art of Coaching

Get your head, and your heart, in the game.

My Perspective & Beliefs

My Perspective Lens - What shapes the way we see things?

Ladder of Inference (p. 35-38)

  • The "Confusing Client" Table Scenario - With your table group, discuss and agree upon a type of client that has been challenging or confusing when you've tried to coach and support him or her. At what rung on the ladder did it become personally challenging or confusing for you? What does this reveal about us?

Coaching Manifesto

Reflect on the 10 core beliefs in Aguilar's coaching manifesto (p. 40-42).

Which of these resonate with you?

Is there a core belief as a coach that's not represented that you would add?

Discuss with your table.

How can we support your shift to authentic, transformative coaching?

Refining Our Core Values

We created our list of coaches' core values at LAW. After our reflection today, let's take time to refine that list. As a team, revisit our list and select one person to complete this form for your table.

What Anchors You as a Coach and a Leader?

On your anchor, capture the words, phrases, or images that represent the beliefs and practices that will anchor your coaching practice for this school year.