Organelle's inside Cells

Plasma/Cell Membrane

Structure of membrane: Phospholipid Bilayer (Two layers)

  1. Water Soluble: (hydrophilic)
  2. Water Insoluble: (hydrophobic)

Function: Allow or block the entry or exit of materials

  1. Channel Protein

Present in Plants,Animals or Both?: Found only in Plant cells, Absent in Animal cells

Cell wall/Cytoplasm

Cell Wall

Structure of a Cell wall: Differs from one species to another

  1. Allows materials to move in and out of cells
  2. Cell divisions involves synthesis

Function of Cell wall: provide tensile strength and limited plasticity

  1. Keeping cells from rupturing
  2. Turgor pressure provides support

Present in Plants, Animals or Both?: Plant Cell walls

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Structure of a Cytoplasm: Cell contains both the jelly-like substance inside a cell.

  1. The sub-structures of the cell itself is called Organelles
  2. Also , called Cytosol

Function of a Cytoplasm: Aids in the movement of the different cellular elements

  1. Transport for genetic material
  2. Transports the products of cellular respiration

Present in Plants, Animals or Both?: Both

  1. Plant cells provide mechanical support to the internal structures
  2. Animal cells are gel-like material made of water
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Nucleus/Nucleus Membrane