Most significant god in Greek mythology


In Dan Swell’s Library of Halexandria, Zeus is the most significant god because of his defeat on Cronus and his bravery and strength in doing so.


Zeus is the most important god because he is the ruler of all gods. Zeus also got his brothers and sisters back by making his father through up. He over through his father and made himself king of the gods.


For example, Zeus over trough’s his father after his father had eaten his brothers and sisters he made his father through them up and saved his siblings.


“When the sixth child, Zeus, came of age, he loosed the prisoners of Tartarus, made war on Cronus, and won” (Ward 1).


This shows that Zeus is a strong god and meant to be a ruler. He shows strategy and bravery in defeating his father Cronous. In the story Zeus escapes his father and grows up then wants to over trough his father.


Lastly, Zeus made a great defeat and became the ruler of the gods and goddesses.