What are they? By Zachary Dabbs

The Euglena

It gets its food by making it with Photosynthesis.

It moves With one Flagella.

It Reproduces in the process called Mitosis.

It can move around to find a well lit area by using a Eyespot.

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They get their food from capturing and trapping their food.

And it moves with pseudopod meaning false foot.

It reproduces by splitting into two different cells and the old one dies and a new one is born.

And it responds to its environment by becoming a cyst in dry or cold times.

Amoeba eats two paramecia (Amoeba's lunch)


It sweeps small unicellular organisms into it Oral Groove.

It moves with Cila.

It to splits in half and cut their nucleus and cut it apart.

It can make itself bigger to be more intimidating.



They can make their own food with Chloroplasts.

They had two flagella.

The Volvox burst open and release its daughter colonies.

They live in colonies and can be seen with a naked eye.

volvox 2