A Christmas Carol

By Ellen Hailey

The book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is an interesting novel about a man whom is changed throughout the story. In the beginning, no one really like Scrooge, also he is portrayed as a mean grumpy old man. When I first read the book, I didn't like Scrooge at all. But throughout the story, I learned how he became the way he is. You too will learn how he changes. Then when the story gets underway, he gets visited by the Ghost Of Christmas Past, the Ghost Of Christmas Present, and the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come. I was not expecting him to get visited by ghosts, so that was a surprise for me and probably for you too. Lastly when morning comes, he wakes up a new man from the ghosts visits. As a result he started to give away his money and gifts to the poor and needy. I didn't think that after only one night he would change so quickly. In conclusion, it was a thrilling and exciting book to read about he changed throughout the book. Charles Dickens did a great job of explaining the story and I think you should read the book.
The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come
The Ghost Of Marley
A time where Scrooge had dot sacrifice something was when she woke up the next day, he decided to sacrifice his money to let everyone know he was different. A time when I had to sacrifice something was when my little sister and I were fighting over something, and when my mom wanted us to stop, I sacrificed what we were fighting about to give to her to make her stop fighting.