Class of 2028

Upcoming Events

  • September 8 PTA Meeting
  • September 28 No School-Teacher Professional Development
  • September 30 Flu Shot Clinic for Students who signed up
  • October 2 Major Saver Fundraiser Kick Off
  • October 6 Fall Pictures
  • October 6 Breakfast with Books 8:30-9:00 come eat breakfast and read with your child in their classroom
  • October 6 McTeacher Night Fundraiser at McDonalds (Forest and 24 Hwy)
  • October 9 End of First Quarter
  • October 21 Field Trip to Drumm Farm
  • October 26-29 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 29 Attendance Assembly
  • October 29 Fall Party
  • October 30 No School

Important Information

  • Nurse Mary sent home paperwork for an upcoming health screening. Please fill out the page (front and back) and return to school. If you do not wish to participate, please fill out your child's name and write "no thank you" at the top of the paper.
  • Parents/Guardians who wish to participate in class parties or field trips must have a cleared background check. Background checks are available from the office. They can take up to 6 weeks to get results, so please fill one out!


We are learning sounds for l, f, b, ai (pail). Each sound has a motion to help students remember. Students are also practicing correct letter formation and pencil grip.

When listening to stories, students are learning what it means to be good listeners. They are also learning THINK about stories and share their thinking with a partner.

There are 3 ways to read a book:
  1. Read the words
  2. Read the pictures
  3. Retell a familiar story

Students can use any of these strategies while reading.

We are working on building reading stamina and getting better/smarter everyday!


We are learning to become writers through drawings. We are learning how to draw animals, people, houses, etc. We are thinking through details and adding them to our pictures together, step by step.

We are working to increase our writing stamina and get better/stronger each day!


We are learning to identify and understand the value of numbers 1-9.

We are learning about the days of the week, patterns and counting through calendar math.

Social Studies

We are learning about:
  • What is school?
  • What does it mean to be a good citizen of a school community?
  • Why are the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance important?


We are learning about force and motion. We are learning and pushes, pulls and speed.