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Tasty Treats

Dolphins love to snack on fish, clams, and shrimp. Their favorite snack is fish. Dolphins sometimes trick fish into other dolphins' mouths so that dolphin has something to eat.


Amazon River Dolphins need to watch out for sea snakes. The sea snakes wrap themselves around the dolphin and the dolphin starts to bleed. Any dolphin that lives in the ocean needs to watch out for sharks. The shark bites the dolphin and the dolphin then has bite marks all on its body.

Play Time

Dolphins love to play fetch. They get a piece of sea weed and they toss it up and the other dolphin try to catch it on their snouts. Dolphins also do the same with pieces of coral.


Dolphins do tricks all the time. Some tricks they do are somersaults, tail walking, jumping trough a hoop, and swimming.
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