Out of my mind

by Sharon Draper


Out of my mind by Sharon Draper. Sharon Draper lives in Cincinnati Ohio. Sharon Draper wrote other books including Copperson,Forged by fire,Just another hero/The battle of Jerico and more.


The main character is melody other characters are Claire,Connor,Rodney,Rose,Mr.Dimming,Mom,Dad,Penny,Molly,Catherine. The settings are School,Home,and Airport. Melody was 10 and shee went to fourth grade and she was paralized and she was in room H5 and rhen she started school and turned 11.She met friends and still went to room H5 and was on a smart quiz team.They went to dinner and claire through up.Melody was left at the Airport Melodys dad hurt his hand and Penny Melodys little sister got hurt really bad.To find out what happened to Melody's quiz team read the book.

My opinion of the book

what i liked about this book is when Melodys got picked by her friend Rose.What i didn't like about this book is when claire said she was Meodys best friend.My suggestions for this book is it was a pretty good book it was a pretty book at the ending too every one was fine i would change when melody did go to school because bad things happen...

My connetion

This book reminds me of When some times i feel no one under stands me just like Melody. Because when i want to do something and wanna be free i never get and no one ever understands me like melody they don't care how she feels.


I would recommend this book to 9 to 17year olds because it dose have one bad word word but its really good and they will probably love it.