Dahlia's Class FS2B



Dear parents,

This week we revised the middle vowel "u". Bug, hug, mug, cup, tub.

The students had fun forming CVC words using letter flash cards, Some of the students were able to blend the letters to read the words.

I am sending you a nice link to help your child blend CVC words. Please enjoy.


Here are the middle "u" books that I read with the students on the board.

My Pug has Fun.


Here are some worksheets for fun.


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This week we revised our animals.

Their characteristics: Breathe, eat, move, grow, have babies.

That means that animals are Living Things.

While non- living things don't eat, breathe, move, grow or have babies.

The students played put the correct picture under Living or Non Living.

The students had fun doing the race and winning.

The students did a project cutting and pasting living and non living things where they belong.

Here are links for living and non living things. Please enjoy.


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Dear Parents,

This week we revised skip counted by 2's, 5's, and 10's.

We went over our addition and subtraction concepts using counters and games.

The students are having fun going over the concepts.

We are using word story problems to make the students understand the concept of addition.

Ex. Haya has 2 chocolates and Hend gave her 2 more chocolates. How many chocolates does Haya have altogether?

The students know when you add the number always becomes bigger.

We are also using word story problems to make the students understand the concept of subtraction.

Ex. Malak has 8 candies and decided to give Farrida 3 candies. How many candies does Malak have?

The students know that when you take away or subtract the number always becomes smaller.

Here are some links for skip counting.

Skip Counting By 2's


Skip Counting By 5's


Skip Counting By 10's


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