SHISD Mid-Week Message

Weekly Superintendent's Message for Spring Hill ISD

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Don't Count down the Days, Make the Days Count!

Panther Nation,

We have just a few days left in this school year and what great days they will be. From kindergarten graduation to the real thing next Friday, these are exciting times. Year end celebrations and award ceremonies will highlight the hard work and accomplishments of another great year in Spring Hill. SHISD also wrapped up a successful month of testing from STAAR/EOC to AP Exams. In fact, SHHS administered over 160 AP Exams this year.

However, school is not out and we need to make the most of each day we have. I would like to congratulate the staff and students on their tremendous efforts this year and look forward to the final week. Finish Strong!

With great pride,

Steve Snell, Superintendent

From the Intermediate School: We've had a very successful week of state testing at the intermediate thanks to the following folks:

  • Huge kudos to Mrs. Turner and the primary campus for sharing staff to test students!
  • Great job to Michelle Smith and the intermediate cafeteria for their organization with breakfast and lunches!
  • Thanks to our intermediate staff for making our students feel confident and self assured on our testing days! We had no errors in test administration thanks to our mindful staff!
  • Big Kudos to 4th grade parent Angela Florczykowski for making great and encouraging signs as well as organizing dad's and mom's to greet students on their testing days to give each student that extra boost of confidence!!

Family Concerns:

  • Jr. High Counselor Taylor Clark is home recovering from an illness. Get well soon!
  • Braylon (5th grade) is recovering from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his kidney.
  • Sharon Fletcher had surgery to remove her gall bladder. Her great grandson is also suffering with an illness.
  • Mrs. Warr's daughter is still recovering from brain surgery.
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Math and Science Results from State!

Overall Team Result: 5th place out of 21 teams

  • Number Sense Team: 5th place
  • Calculator Team: 8th place
  • Math Team: 5th place
  • Science Team: 2nd place

8th Grade

  • Brody Barnhill- 35th place Science
  • Carson Barnhill- 32nd place Math, 6th place Science
  • Marshall Bodenheimer- 16th place Number Sense, 31st place Calculator, 22nd place Math, 7th place Science
  • Whitten Bowles- 19th place Number Sense, 14th place Math, 36th place Science
  • Kennedy Croom- 37th place Science
  • Caleb Hutcheson- 34th place Science
  • Jacob Kimbrough- 21st place Calculator
  • Brandon Krenek- 25th place Science
  • David McFatridge- 35th place Number Sense, 17th place Calculator, 46th place Math, 50th place Science
  • Gracie Schmidt- 19th place Science
7th Grade
  • Easton Ballard- 5th place Number Sense, 36th place Calculator, 15th place Math
  • Nick Bodenheimer- 43rd place Science
  • Jacob Donahue- 12th place Number Sense, 20th place Math, 2nd place Science
  • Joseph Egbe- 35th place Science
  • Ashton Thomas- 16th place Number Sense, 24th place Calculator, 13th place Math, 27th place Science
6th Grade
  • Mario Alchammas- 28th place Number Sense, 16th place Calculator, 10th place Math
  • Emory Allen- 40th place Math
  • Austin Bell- 52nd place Math
  • Jace Jones- 16th place Number Sense, 11th place Math
  • Sam Lepire- 57th place Math
  • Elijah Mayhew- 13th place Calculator
  • Andrew Northern- 36th place Number Sense, 37th place Math
  • Levi Ragsdale- 54th place Math, 12th place Science
  • Alec Rowland- 62nd place Math
  • Gersain Saenz- 18th place Number Sense, 23rd place Math
  • Davion Simpson- 33rd place Number Sense, 43rd place Math
  • Jax Stovall- 40th place Number Sense, 37th place Math

Math/Science in San Antonio

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Check out this great story and video on Kev'Ron Madden

Thank you Pat Parks!

Words cannot express the gratitude for the work and dedication Pat Parks gave to Spring Hill ISD as interim CFO. He not only kept SHISD in good shape while we hired a new CFO, he made needed changes and provided excellent leadership. Good luck in your re-retirement and take care of those grandbabies! All the best - Steve Snell

Even The Best Get Hung Up Some Time

Mr. Kiser, labeled as superhero by his students, ran into some kryptonite heading to his son's kindergarten graduation Wednesday. Mr. Kiser decided to test the strength of the fire hydrant and the response time of the Longview Fire Department...something like that.

The good news is the truck is OK and he made it to graduation on time. Thank you for letting us have a little fun with this.

7th Grade visits Gregg historical museum

Mother's Day Cake Decorating

A huge thank you to Brookshire's for sponsoring this Mother's Day cake decorating activity! Students paid only $5 to decorate a cake for mom! Brookshire's is a great community partner with Spring Hill!!
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SHHS STUCO hosts Ultimate Frisbee charity event

An ultimate Frisbee tournament was hosted at Panther Stadium this week. The event, hosted by the Student Council raised $500 for Braylon, an intermediate student who is fighting a battle with cancer. The donation will help off set bills and travel to Children's Hospital in Dallas. This was a great event hosted by the many service minded students of SHISD!

Speaking of Braylon, he is recovering from a successful surgery and should be home soon.

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Thanks to all who supported XC McAlister's Night

I would like to thank all of the parents and community for helping come support the XC
team May 2nd at our McAlisters fundraiser. It was a huge success, and I couldn't be more blessed, by having so much support and encouragement for the team and myself.
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