Thy Art Is Murder Biography

Australian Deathcore


Thy Art Is Murder are an Australian Deathcore band that formed in 2006, in their hometown of Campbelltown, Sydney. They have released two EP's, and two full length albums, and have toured Australia, Europe and America multiple times.



Thy Art Is Murder formed in Campbelltown, Sydney in 2006. The group originally consisted of vocalist Brendan Van Ryn, guitarists Gary Markowski and Sean Delander, bassist Josh King, and drummer Lee Stanton. They quickly gained a reputation in Sydney, particularly due to the extensive brutality of their music. After building this substantial underground following, they recorded their debut EP, "This Hole Isn't Deep Enough for the Twelve of You".

This EP gained the band substantial growth in their reputation amongst the underground Deathcore scene in Sydney. They soon returned to the studio in 2008 to record their second EP, "Infinite Death". "Infinite Death" brought a large emphasis and notice on Van Ryn's incredibly misogynistic and anti-religious lyrics.
The album and band were 5 years later given unexpected attention when Katy Perry shared a video in which the song, "Whore to a Chainsaw", was being air-drummed by a cat.

The band toured Australia relentlessly for the next two years, receiving huge attention amongst the underground Deathcore scene, and beginning to break through into the more mainstream sections of Death Metal. Following two years of touring, vocalist Van Ryn left the band due to creative differences, and different ideas of how the band should progress musically.
The band soon recruited vocalist C.J McMahon, from local band, Vegas In Ruins.
Bassist Josh King soon left the band also, to be replaced by bassist Mick Lowe.

The band returned to the studio in 2010 to record their debut album, "The Adversary." The Adversary brought the band attention to the point of enabling them to go on tour overseas for the first time. The album was heavily critically acclaimed, for its technicality, and brutality.

After further national and international touring, the band was faced with two more lineup changes. Forming member and lead guitarist Gary Markowski, and recently recruited bassist Josh King both left the band. Forming member and guitarist Sean Delander then switched to role of bass guitar, and the band invited guitarists Tom Brown and Andy Marsh to become full-time members.

The band then made a substantial move, in the act of traveling to New York to record at "The Machine Shop". Their second full length album, "Hate", was released on October 19th, 2012, and saw the band skyrocket in popularity. The album was the first extreme metal album to ever enter onto the ARIA Charts, and topped the iTunes metal category for the first week after its release.

Since the release of Hate, the band has toured Europe numerous times, and recently toured America on the Summer Slaughter Tour, gaining them further international reputation. The band has quickly become one of Australia's most important and well know extreme metal acts, and continues to gain popularity to this day.