Welcome to Healthy Living

Detox ~ 30 Days to feeling fit

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Ordering Your Arbonne Products

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Congratulations on beginning your journey to a healthier you!

No matter what reason you have for joining us for these next 30 days, one thing we can promise is that you will feel better by doing this program. If you're ready to follow along with us, we have the right products and the right support for you to be successful.

First things first, be sure that your Coach has added you to our Healthy Living Facebook page (your Coach is the person that introduced you to this program). Check in often for information, inspiration, recipes, shopping lists, and more!

Check Out the Files and Photos Tabs at the top of our Facebook page for even more info, including Lots of Fantastic Recipes. If you have a question, try using the Search Bar at the top right on the Facebook page to type in a word. Many questions have threads already started that might have your answer.

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Getting Started

Ready, Set............ Here We Go!

One of the things we love about this program is that we LEARN AS WE GO! So, you don't have to know everything today! Here are a few reminders as you start your first week...

  1. Order your Arbonne products in time for your desired start date. Products usually take 3 or 4 business days to arrive. Your Coach will help you to get the best discount possible.
  2. Set Some Goals ~ Try NOT to make them about the number on the scale. If you must weigh yourself do it today, then ONCE a week from here on out. Take some measurements instead ~ tummy at your belly button, hips, thighs, arms. How your pants fit 30 days from now is a better indicator of your progress and health than the numbers on the scale.
  3. Take a few quick photos of yourself - not for anyone but yourself to see :)
  4. Take a quick sweep through your pantry. If you think you're cookies are going to be calling you from the cupboard, throw them away now - or if you can't bear the thought, give them away or box them up. (This goes for coffee, wine, chips ... you get the idea).
  5. Listen to the Recorded Call for Week #1 and Read the Coaching Posts from the Prep Week (search COACHING POSTS ~ Prep Week). Know the foods we are eliminating, how to make a shake, how to make a meal, and when to eat. (Check the materials in the Google Folder below for details).
  6. Call Your Coach ~ They are here for you to ask questions and get support!
  7. Do NOT use the Body Cleanse until Day 5 ~ We promise we will give you all the details soon, but just leave it on the shelf for now. : )
  8. Drink between meals instead of snacking ~ water, fizzies, tea, greens, broth. Think Fluids!
  9. Take One Day at a time, but KNOW that You've Got This!

Healthy Living Meal Planning is easy when you PLAN AHEAD

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Check out the Program Materials in the Google Folder

To Download the Documents that you will need, Click on this Google Folder

that contains documents like: 30 Day Detox Tracker 7DayCleanseOptions What is Healthy Living, Healthy Living in a Nutshell, The Cheat Sheet, How to Build a Shake, Shopping List, What to do Post-Program.

If you don't know what you need, ask your Coach. We recommend that you print out the documents to keep them handy throughout your program.

Recorded Calls

Dial-in: 712-432-0369 Code: 268942# OR Click on the links for each call.
Program Intro
Week #1
Week #2
Week #3
Week #4
Week #5

Getting to Know the Products

Arbonne: 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond Tutorial (US)

The Easy Buttons ~ Why the Products? with Sarah McGuire Personal Trainer and Gym Owner

The Easy Buttons - Why The Products? with Sarah McGuire

Eliminating Toxins and the Highest Allergens

Eliminating Allergenic and Toxic Ingredients with Tasha Warby

When People are asking you about the program

The best document to send to your friends when they ask you about the program is What is Healthy Living? In addition, we have a 15 minute recording that will help them to understand the program better. Healthy Living Info Call Please do not send people the Cheat Sheet or other specifics about the program before they have their products. We wouldn't want people to use other products that might not have the same effects that ours do.

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My Gift To You

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