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The Fire Ascending:Last Dragon Chronicles

Voss, a ruler, wanted to control the world so he tried to put a dark unicorn with no horn in to the fire eternal but some time travelers went into the past and changed the timeline to where the unicorn would not make it into the fire. So a dragon named Gawain froze time to where he could give the time travelers time to save the world. Owen N.

The Angel Experiment: Maximum Ride

Angel, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Max, and Fang are hiding up in the mountain hiding from hairy erasers. Max (the oldest/the leader) are trying to protect the squad as Angel gets.... read the book to find out. Derek M.

Rot and Ruin

Tom and his little brother Benny adventure in to the Rot and Ruin because Benny has never been there. This book is full of adventure and action, but you will just have to read the book to find out. By: Skylar H.

The Limit

Matt has been taken to a work house because his family went over their limit. But when something strange comes up Matt and his friends try to figure it out. When they do Matt gives the flash drive to a first floor girl. He hopes she can get it to someone on the outside. Will the girl be able to get it to someone on the outside. Read The Limit to find out. By: Makenna H.

A Dog's Journey

The second book to A Dog's Purpose, Buddy, the dog, continues his journey to find his purpose. After Ethan dies, Buddy is confused because he thought his purpose was to protect Ethan. One day, baby Clarity, Ethan's grandaughter, came to the farm. She gets into trouble by jumping off the dock and getting into the horese stall unattended. Buddy now knows his purpose is to protect her. Read A Dog's Journey to find out if this is Buddy's true purpose. By: Mackenzie W.

Palace of Stone By: Shannon Hale

Miri's best friend, Britta is in love with the Prince. The people of Asland don't want them to get married because Britta is not one of there people. Will Britta and Steffan ever get married. Miri must decide if Asland or Mount Eskel is her home. Peder is a childhood friend Miri has know since she was little. Timon is a new friend who she meets in Asland. Will Miri marry Peder or Timon. By: Julia V.

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