Rescue and Relief

By: Chloe Ritterbusch, Brooke Covington, and Julie Sepanski

About Us

Our Team:

Julie Sepanski is our Pilot at Rescue and Relief and one of our navigators. As our pilot she guides the Plane into the direction of the destination that we are going to give relief to. On Julie's free time she loves to do cheer at champion cheer, and likes to hang out with her friends in school and outside of school.

Brooke Covington is our Medical Officer and also one of our navigators. As our medical officer Brooke knows what disease or sickness the patients have and is able to treat them accordingly. Brooke enjoys to play Tennis and is ranked nationally in her age group.

Chloe Ritterbusch is the Load Master here at Rescue and Relief International. Her responsibilities include deciding what supplies to bring to disaster sites and positioning the supplies on the palets. In Chloe's free time she enjoys Musical Theater. She has been in sixteen Musicals.

Mission Goal:

Our team goal is to provide medical care and relief to the survivors of the recent typhoon in the Philippines.

Primary Objective:

To provide relief to the survivors of the typhoon in the Philippines.


Supplies Provided:

  • Drinking Water
  • 12 Medical Supply Kits
  • 3 Refrigerated Medical Supplies
  • 5 Clothing and Blankets
  • 4 Portable Latrines
  • 3 Food
  • 3 Mosquito Supply Kits
  • 1 Portable Hospital
  • 3 boxes of miscellaneous items

Time Taken to Provide Relief: 30 hr 44 min

Flight Route:

Houston Hobby to Albuquerque International

Albuquerque International to San Francisco International

San Francisco International to Calgary International

Calgary International to Terrace Airport

Terrace Airport to Yakutat Airport

Yakutat Airport to Red Dog Airport

Red Dog Airport to Ust-Kamchatsk

Ust-Kamchatsk to Ominato Guard District

Ominato Guard District to Yakushima Airport

Yakushima Airport to DZR Airport

Goal Accomplished:

Our goal was to provide medical care and relief to the survivors in Tacloban and we did just that. We brought 12 medical supply kits, 3 mosquito supply kits, 3 refrigerated medical supply kits, and 1 portable hospital. With all these supplies delivered Tacloban and its residents are starting there road to recovery.


Highest volume of all classes

Supplies that address our goal:

  • 12 medical supply kits
  • 3 refrigerated supply kits
  • 3 mosquito supply kits
  • 1 Portable hospital


What was accomplished:

  • Team Goal and Checklist
  • Republic of Philippines Briefing
  • Diseases Briefing
  • Navigator Qualifying Exam
  • Loading Plans
  • Flight Plan
  • Final Debriefing


  • We thought that we should go up through Canada and Alaska to get to the Philippines, but now we know we should have gone a different route to save time.
  • We thought we should've brought mainly medical supplies, but now we know we should have focused more on drinking water and food.

Strategies that did and did not work:

  • Didn't: Stopping in California to refuel did not work
  • Didn't: We brought to much medical supplies
  • Did: Bringing lots of portable latrines helped stop the spread of diseases

  • Did: Refueling in Yakushima helped because we could go straight to Tacloban

Lessons Learned:

  • We learned that we should focus on multiple things not just one
  • We learned that we need to study our disaster sites culture thoroughly before supplying aid
  • We learned to work together to get thing done in a orderly fashion.

Purpose and Accomplishments:

Our main purpose was to provide medical care and relief to the survivors of Tacloban and we did just that. This purpose was our main accomplishment and we hope that the survivors of Tacloban know that. Throughout this project we have picked up many accomplishments along the way such as passing the navigators qualifying exam, getting a 100 on our diseases briefing, then getting a high A on our Tacloban briefing. With all these accomplishments in our pockets we will accomplish more in the future.