The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Theme: Don't Underestimate Yourself

Cruz del a Cruz

Cruz started off as a stranger, but he had been the best batter. He invented a "HitSim"that taught the team how to hit in just a few days. He was determined, courageous , and confident.  

The Climax

I think the climax is when Tom got the winning hit that saved Dillontown. It went higher then the tall grandstand roof. It was a fast spinning curving hit. That part was so exciting it made Doc pass away on that warm summer day. I thought that was really exciting.

How Tom Changed

I think Tom changed in a positive way. He learned to be brave and to find his hidden voice. Cruz taught him to stand up for what he believed in and in the end it turned out to be something that will change the great legendary town of Dillontown. In the beginning he was always nervouse and quiet, but after he won the game he was more confident.

Someone That is a Hero

I look up to is my Dad because he is always helping out ,and he never gives up.