By: Ali Lewis and Leslie McCord

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Members and Citizens

  • brown hair
  • blue eyes
  • tan
  • fit
  • guys: tall and ripped
  • girls: skinny and pretty natural
  • speak "sims" language

Family and Community

  • 4 kids per family
  • monkeys are common family pets
  • family last names do not go to the next generation
  • cities are divided up by your job
  • family time is an hour every weekday

Power and Politics

  • If you're unfit you die
  • Government is Republic
  • 10-18 yr olds can vote
  • benefits for kids
  • woman presidents

Economic and Wealth

  • jobs are based on personality
  • everyone is rich
  • gas is always a dollar
  • no such thing as debt
  • every family owns a company

Leisure Activites

  • sports
  • work-out
  • family time
  • parts of towns for kids, teens, and adults
  • work

Science and Technology

  • high tech
  • no sickness, deformities, or diseases
  • all apple products
  • no paper, everything is on computers
  • robots do dirty work of the town


  • at 16 you work
  • can only change job if you "test out"
  • based on personality
  • they choose their hours
  • no night shifts


  • when you start you have to take a test and you will be put in a school based on your personality that is based on your career
  • start at 10(expect parents to teach you the basics)
  • 5 hour school days
  • free school
  • no homework


  • everyone is christian
  • 3 churches in whole community: one for kids, one for adults, and one for teens. You have to be in a bible study group
  • you have to go to church every sunday

System for Alcohol and Drugs

  • at 16 alcohol and drugs are legal but before then you need a parent consent
  • all drugs are legal
  • no public intoxication or public drug use
  • driving under the influence of anything is illegal
  • alcohol level-.8%
  • drugs-pass test


  • everyone is white

Crime and Law

  • all drugs are legal( no cocaine, heroin, or meth)
  • robbery or murder will be resulted in death
  • all roads are 50 mph
  • normal laws for speeding and what not

Global Relations

  • our Utopia is on an island in the middle of nowhere so there is barely any communication with other societies