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Weekly Update ~ 3/29/2019

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Capital Projects Update

The ESCO (energy services company) report should be available in mid-April.

Powerful Teaching and Learning

  • The Science Fellows prepared a presentation for Wednesday’s board meeting. Cari Haug shared the curriculum she developed and used with her students on phenomenon based learning using 3D teaching. It was impressive to hear how her students were engaged and excited to learn about the science phenomenon as they attempted the explain the reasoning of a collapsed rail tanker. The district’s Science Fellows are Cari Haug, Christine Olson, Emily Bjelland, and Lara Owsley. Our Fellows are great leaders in our school!

  • The fourth and fifth grade Math is Cool teams competed in the Central Regional competition in Wenatchee last Friday. Our fourth-grade team came home with a 3rd place finish and fifth came in 5th. Great job teams!


  • The board approved a two-year staffing plan that will enable the district to stay fiscally sound. Through the plan for 2019-20 and 2020-21, staffing levels reduced by attrition should be adequate to avoid the need to lay off any employees.

  • Paul Harrison was here from the ESD for a second safety walk-through with Mike Larson on Monday. Overall, the inspection was good. Improvements are being made and staff are more aware of safety issues. They found that lockers are being used for books and bags more consistently in HS/MS. In the ES improvements have been made with the backpacks, coats and shoes as well. Cords are being covered and the overall safety throughout the district has improved. The district received 1% of the workers’ comp back at the first inspection. With the improvements made this time, we will receive a 1.5% rebate which is about $1,400. Our third and final inspection for the year will be the middle of May. Great job to all of the staff for your attention in improving our safety measures in our schools.

  • At Wednesday’s board meeting, the board approved the purchase of a Motorola radio system that will put a mobile radio in every bus and a base station radio in every office. The radio system will also include a repeater located on Aeneas Mountain that will enable us to have radio coverage out to the district boundaries. This system will provide dependable communication with the buses, whereas most of our bus routes currently do not have cell phone service when they are away from the district. This has always been a safety concern that needed to be addressed.

College, Career, Life Readiness

GEAR UP!! Is working on developing summer job shadow opportunities for our high school students. Please see Suzette Ellis for more information on this program.

Parent and Community Engagement

  • Grandparents Day was another successful event in the ES. Lots of Grandparents and Grandfriends came to support students. Thank you, staff, for all the hard work you put into making this special event possible.

  • The Reptile Man was here Wednesday for an Elementary assembly and Family Night show (it was packed). Our students, families, and community got to see and learn about many different reptiles.

  • The April 10 school board meeting will be a community outreach board meeting and will be held in the Pine Creek area at the home of Barbara Green, 777 Pine Creek Road. We welcome all to attend these meetings. The board values the opportunities to connect to the communities in the outlying areas and welcomes suggestions on how to better connect in the future.

TEA and PSE Updates

Based on feedback from staff and working with the PSE, the district approved retro pay for the classified staff for the period of September 1 - December 21, 2018, for the following activities:
    1. Extra Trips

    2. Safety Meetings

    3. Monthly Migrant Meetings

    4. After School Driving

    5. District Organized Monthly Meetings

    6. Special Transportation Meetings

    7. ES Winnie the Pooh Safety Presentations

Staff Updates

At Wednesday’s board meeting, the board accepted Mike Larson’s resignation as head HS girls basketball coach. We appreciate the many years that Mike was committed to coaching for the district. The position will be open to internal and external candidates in the very near future.


  • Mayor Dennis Brown signed a proclamation that March 27, 2019, was declared “Tonasket Tiger High School Wrestling Team Day” for their extraordinary achievements and claiming their 3rd straight State Championship.

  • Board Policy Updates. You can click the link below to view the policy updates:
    1. 2030 BP Service Animals in School

    2. 3141 BP Non-Resident Students

    3. 3143 BP District Notification of Juvenile Offenders

    4. 3226 BP Interviews and Interrogations of Students on School Premises

    5. 4310 BP District Relationships with Law Enforcement and other Government Agencies

    6. 5800 BP Fitness to Work/Attendance - NEW

    7. 6220 BP Bid or Proposal Requirements

What Every Employee Needs to Know - Reminders

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