Paris, France

Rylee B

Wow, look at that!

Imagine it... the smell of fresh baked croissants flooding your nose. Paris, France is the place to be! Ever dreamed of touring the Eiffel Tower? Go take a tour! Museums? Millions of museums to go through in Paris, France! How about shopping? Paris is the Fashion city! You will never run out of things to do in Paris, France!

Swimming in Scents

Bakeries? Yes Please!

Imagine it... the fresh smells, flooding your nose. You look around, following the scent. Finally, it leads you somewhere. Before you can stop yourself, you realize that the smell has started to lead you up the stairs to the... Eiffel Tower! A bakery in the Eiffel Tower? That's amazing!

Tours! Ooooo look at that!

Wow, that looks so old! How old is that, anyway?

Tours! Tour all of the History in Paris with a nice long (or short) tour from the professionals!

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