Google Play vs. Apple iTunes

Differences and Similarities

MuSiC (Apple iTunes & Google Play)

Apple iTunes seems to have a very wide variety of music, It is also very specific in the lists of genres is gives you.
Google Play has a wide variety as well, but it is not as specific and may not have every song that you are looking for.

Emphasis (Google Play & Apple iTunes)

  • Google Play has a lot of more vibrant colors and is more appealing to the eye.
  • Apple iTunes seems to focus on two main colors which are blue and white
  • Google Play put's emphasis on visuals and for the most part music and movies
  • Apple iTunes put's emphasis ,i think, on the quality and not visuals but both sites seem to emphasis music and movies more than books and games.

Availability - Apple iTunes vs. Google Play

Google has more availability than Apple in the case that if you were looking for the Maroon 5 Album "Overexposed" on iTunes you would not be able to find it but, that specific album happens to available on Google

Access & Prices

Apple iTunes is by far way more easier to access and download music movies books etc. from.On the other hand Google Play has cheaper prices, which is way some people prefer to use it over Apple iTunes.

My Overall Personal Opinion

Personally i believe the two sites are pretty much equal,yes each site does have its own unique traits but for the most part they're the same to me. Google play and Apple iTunes are two sites reaching for the same goal with about the same amount of apps with the same quality give or take a few minor issues, but they have different ways of approaching it. It essentially depend on the type person you are and what you like to see in app store sites but in my book it's a tie.