Andrew Jackson


The spoils system

Jackson had made up the Spoil system and this system was about giving political jobs to people with no political experience. This was kind of like a reward to voters for helping him with his victory as president and this usually happens after election.

The Nullification crisis

The nullification crisis all started between South Carolina and Jackson. They complained and complained about the tariffs. South Carolina had threatened to secede from the U.S and to stop paying their taxes if they did not interfere with the tariffs. So, Jackson could not let this happen so he passed a Force and threatened Carolina that he will use the military if they didnt pay their taxes.South Carolina started and kept paying their taxes but still said they would secede so.. they had finally came to a compromise and this compromise was called "Compromise of 1833" and this showed that they would lower tariffs. This was how the nullification act was resolved!
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This political cartoon shows Andrew Jackson during the Nullification Crisis.

Killing The National Bank

Jackson felt that the bank was unconstitutional and that it was only for the wealthy. He felt that it was unfair that it was only for the wealthy and not for everyone. So Jackson killed the bank slowly and finally did for all. This was one of his best accomplishments.
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