I Survived: San Francisco

By: Chafin Johnson

Main Characters

Morris is the main character in my book because he is the person that needs to get out of the earthquake and find his gold. He at first was all about no one could touch his gold and then after someone stole it he became more humble about who he told. I relate to Morris because I am bound and determined to excel at things i do and things i want to complete.


Morris is telling is in his room kinda talking to his self about whether or not to tell people about his gold. When all of a sudden he door starts shaking and then his room and then he falls down and Willkie and Fletch come storming in his room. They then steal his gold and he has to get it back. His little buddy comes in to save the day as he called and they went to Fletch and Willkie' s hideout to find his gold. When they get there the earthquake starts and he thought he lost his gold forever. Fletch runs away with his gold while Willkie stays behind to help Leo and Morris. They find Fletch and he finally gives him his gold back and they all become friends and hangout together after that.

Lesson Learned

I learned that you can't always trust who seems like you can. I also thought learned that it doesn't matter how big or mean a bully is he can always become a friend and has a nice side to him.

I Survived: San Francisco Earthquake 1906