Inversion sprain

Kierra Mendoza

What Is An Inversion Sprain

A inversion sprain is caused when the foot is forced inward beyond the muscular control. This happens more common in basketball, football, and soccer to name some.
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Hurts Where?

Area of pain will vary to the injury. Generalized pain will go throughout the lateral aspect of the ankle. Tenderness will go along the anterior and distal end.
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Injury progression

Grade 1is considered to be a mild stretching.

Grade 2 may vary depending if it a partial tearing

Grade 3 sprains indicated rupture of both the AFT and CF.

the descriptions include serve swelling, unstable joint, lost of function, and abnormal motion.

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When you get a inversion sprain the process is divided into 3 phases.

  1. Is to focus primarily on the reduction of inflammation by using the principles of RICE.
  2. Motion within the ankle so you can start to get you range in motion into affect again.
  3. Focus on strengthing your ankle with agility and endurance