Kindergarten News

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school! We hope everyone enjoyed celebrating holidays with their families, we sure enjoyed learning about them! Here is a look at what Kindergarten was up to in December and what is to come in the new year.

Just a reminder as the weather is getting colder, we do try to take the kids out for recess everyday, even if it is only for a short time. It is important that your child is dressed appropriately for the colder weather. Also, please remember that your child needs seasonally appropriate 'Oops' clothes.

Shapes and Patterns

In Math, students learned about shape attributes and how to use shapes to create larger shapes. Students used the iPad tangram app to create shape pictures. Students also learned about different types of patterns. They used the iPad pattern block app to copy and extend their partner's patterns. Ask your child to give an example of an AB pattern, ABC pattern, or an ABB pattern!


In reading we compared and contrasted different versions of the Gingerbread stories. Students focused story plot as well as character traits. Students then created their own Gingerbread character by following a glyph, while other students recreated their favorite character from one of the stories we read.
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Igloo fun!

Kindergarten loved making collaborative igloos! They had to create and design their own plan to build an igloo out of marshmallows. Some children even made "sight word" igloos.

Three Little Pigs STEM

In January, Kindergarten will be participating in a STEM Project. Their goal is to design and build a house for the Three Little Pigs that can withstand the Big Bad Wolf! We are collecting recycled items such as:
  • toilet paper, paper towel, or wrapping paper rolls
  • boxes of various sizes (snacks, cereal, toys, clothing)
  • plastic containers of various sizes
  • tooth picks, q-tips, straws, etc.
  • scrap paper

Please send in all items on Monday, January 23rd so students can start to build their houses! Thank you for your donations!

January Student Portfolio Showcase

During the afternoon, your child’s homeroom teacher will be hosting a Student Portfolio Showcase! You will choose a 15-minute timeslot using SignUp Genius to come back to school that afternoon with your child. Your child will be using that time to show you the progress they have been making in Kindergarten. They will read to you one of their guided reading books, share their writing, and discuss with you their strengths and goals. It is important for your child to have this time to share their progress with you so please plan accordingly to come back to school with them!

Looking Ahead this Month...

Reading - We will begin the month by reading a nonfiction text, Little Panda, about a baby panda born at the San Diego Zoo. Reading groups will focus on comparing and contrasting the baby to adult panda. Students will write about how the baby grows and changes. We love observing the current zoo pandas using the following Panda Cam links. The Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam has a great blog about twin panda cubs that were born this past September. The photos and blog posts connect very well to our book about how a baby panda grows and changes. Be sure to take a look at home!

Math - All math classes will wrap up the geometry unit by learning about 3D shapes. Students will learn shape attributes and what 2D shapes are used to create each 3D shape. We will also explore shape movement and discover how shapes can slide, stack, and roll. Our next unit will be on measurement - we will begin measuring length and height with nonstandard units such as cubes, paperclips, pennies, etc.

Science - This month, we will begin to learn about seasons and different types of weather. Students will observe and record the weather throughout the month, learn about the water cycle, and describe storm characteristics.

Writing - Students will continue to build their writing skills by using vocabulary words, the word wall, and sounding out strategies to write complete sentences. When your child writes at home, please continue to encourage the phonetic spelling or using their sight word bags to help them spell high-frequency words. Students should use a capital letter to start their sentences, but lower case letters throughout their words, and include punctuation at the end.

For your January Calendars

  • Friday, January 6th - Dress Down Day
  • Monday, January 16th - No School, MLK Day
  • Monday, January 23rd STEM collection items due
  • Friday, January 27th - Noon Dismissal for Student Portfolio Showcase in the afternoon