The Daly News 3/4/19

Manatee Elementary Staff Newsletter

Important Dates

  • Yearbook Picture Day! The club sponsors have communicated the picture times with their students. We will not be using the red phone for reminders. Primary grade teachers-please help us keep to the schedule by reminding your students of their times.
  • Fiesta at lunch as a thank you for all your hard work. Please enjoy lunch provided by admin.
  • 6th Grade GSP Field Trip- Canine Commandos


  • First Grade Field Trip-Titusville Playhouse


  • Daly out until 9:00 am.
  • PLC Day


  • Daly out all day.
  • Kindergarten Field Trip-Titusville Playhouse


  • Countdown to Fitness picture 8:00 am. Please send your Countdown to Fitness team members (we have asked them to wear their shirt) to the cafeteria at 8:00 am. There are over 500 students on this team, we will take the picture and get them back to class as quickly as we can.
  • Dr. Mela on campus, be sure your outside bulletin board (the one with student work) has the correct standard.
Big picture

Please include the graphic below in your next communication to your parents.

Big picture

Grades 3-6 please put this graphic in your newsletter every week until FSA is over.

Big picture