George Washington

A Visionary Leader

Visionary Leader

A visionary leader is a person who can create ideas using their knowledge and others knowledge to create a vision and can guide or lead a group to get involved in that vision they have. Also, they know how to manage that particular group they are leading and have good characteristics and qualities of a visionary leader. A visionary leader makes decisions that will consider the best interest of the group as well.

Action Washington Took as a Visionary Leader

The Proclamation of Neutrality

When Britain and France went to war Washington decided to declare that the US was neutral because he did not want America to get tangled in the mess of the war over in Europe. He did not want to be alliances with any of the countries in the war. He handled the break out of the war by creating the the Proclamation of neutrality where he went over his reasons for not wanting to be in this war.

This shows how Washington was a visionary leader because he did what was in the best interest of the country and the people by not getting involved in the war. Also, people respected and followed Washington's decision in not wanting to go to war.

Washington as a Visionary Leader

Washington and Foreign Alliances

Washington was Against Foreign Alliances

Reasons Against Making Alliances:

  • Permanent foreign policies will lead to unnecessary wars towards the US

  • The alliances will be more likely to drag the US into wars that will in no way benefit the US

  • Will prevent other countries that feel they are not treated as well as our allies from trying to influence our government