How do you spot fake likes online?

Is he/she really as popular as they appear?

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Likes are a good measure of popularity but...

Facebook likes, Instagram and Twitter followers are one of the standards we can judge how popular a person is online. With the increase of focus on time spent online as well as a year by year increase in online advertising budgets

But just like how 'models' can use MeituPic to make their features sharper, eyes bigger or their skin clearer, some people are 'padding' their online presence with fake likes to make it seem like they are more popular than they are. Here's some tips on how to spot them. Keep it in mind just one or two of these doesn't mean that the followers/likes are fake, but it definitely makes it way more suspicious!



"When you walk into a brand and you say 'what about her, what about him?' they now ask 'how many followers do they have?' " said Ivan Bart, senior vice president and managing director of IMG Models. - The Wall Street Journal


Stephan Moskovic, co-founder and editor of, a website that ranks models, said, "It can be a big plus for a brand if they sign up a model that has a large following." began running models' latest tweets on the models' profile pages at the end of last year - The Wall Street Journal

Now that you know how to spot fake followers and likes...

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Let me show you a better way. It's not wrong to want more exposure online, but buying fake likes not only deceives your audience and potential clients, but also hurts your page virality and reach.

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