Arabela Sanchez

Tokoyo, Japan

Getting There

Japan has many great monuments and great natural sites also many grate creations. so i n this flyer I'm traveling to Tokyo Japan. $1464 is the cost of my flight from Denver to Tokyo Japan. The flight I'm taking is American Airlines and it will departure at 7:20 PM. according to airofree


Japans ancient history is tied to the sun goddess, Amaterasu, who sent one of her children to the island of Kyushu to correct the people. Legend says that it was are the fourth century, when the country was corrected t Yamato Dynasty, who established court. . At one time, Shintoism also conferred divine status to the Emperor. Two of Japan aposs are the most revered shrines, said to have been built in the age of the gods, are the Ise Grand Shrines at Ise and Izumo Taisha Shrine near Matsue. They keep there religion strong because they could stand on there own with out having to trade that much but in the 1900 they had to open up there ports which allowed us to see inside of Japan


  1. allergic reaction
to have a rection to a food in jap nare not un common lucly the hospitals give out plent types of treatment, and both inpatient and outpatient procedures. Japanese people choose to use a hospital instead of a clinic when they have been referred to it by a clinic, if the hospital is conveniently located, or when they simply want to receive care from a well-equipped facility


japan is a great place to travel with a couple of problems but easy to over come. with nice friendly people

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