Language has SWAG!!!

This is how our language class has SWAG

The many things we have learned

We have learned so many things this year. We have learned: DLR, Flocabulary, Writing, Verbs, Nouns, Pronouns, and many forms of each one of those

Explanation of our class

DLR is what we do everyday at the beginning of class. On every Friday we take a test on our DLR. For Flocab we have packets. There are 15 words, and every week we do 5 of them. We take a test on Friday along with our DLR quiz. We also have learned how to write essays. We have learned different types of essays and the formats for them. We also have our Grammar books that teaches us a about nouns, verbs, and pronouns

Our teachers have SWAG!! Mrs. Knodle and Mrs.Heldebrant are the BEST!!!!!

The kinds of questions you may ask

You may ask them any type of language question. If your not sure on how to do something just ask. They will be happy to answer. An example would be: Can you help me on a noun? I just don't get it

We are an Awesome class

We don't just learn in there all the time. There class it tons of fun also.