K - 12 mLearning


What is it? Toontastic is a creative device which allows students to draw, animate and create their own cartoons. Once created students are able to share with friends and family all over the world!

How can it be used? Toontastic would be a creative way for a language arts writing assignment to become an online cartoon.

Matching Pairs

What is it? This is a classic matching game it goes through two different levels depending on how challenging you would like it to be.

How can it be used? Matching pairs is a great way to enhance students understanding of objects and their labels. Teachers could use this as a way to extend students knowledge while studying topics such as mammals vs. amphibians.

Destiny Quest

What is it? Destiny Quest is an app that allows you to browse through books by genres. This app also records books that you have already read and recommends books that are similar to ones which you have previously finished.

How can it be used? This would be a good app for students to use before a book report. Students often struggle finding a book that is interesting to them, this app could be very useful to find a book that students are interested in while still meeting classroom expectations.

The PE Geek

What is it? The PE Geek is an app designed for teachers to find new sources and ways to integrate the latest technologies with physical education

How can it be used? This is an easy use app that allows teachers to modernize their curriculum. PE Geek has a number of apps such as first aid and coaching tips and drill practice ideas.

Spelling City

What is it? spelling city is an app composed of multiple spelling and word list games. The app will speak aloud the word, use it in a sentence and then ask you to spell the word. Students are able to work at their own pace and receive feedback during the game or test they are completing through the app.

How can it be used? This app is a fun way to have students engaged and practicing there vocabulary.