SO Informational Flyer Marvin Rice


3 ways to be safe while cleaning are

  • Do not swing equipment
  • Wear gloves (esp. when cleaning toilets) and shoes with grips
  • Do not mix chemicals

Cleaning Schedule

The purpose of a cleaning schedule is

  • A way to demonstrate all equipment and areas are cleaned by following days or times

Cleaning Products

3 Cleaning products we use are
  • Sanitizer
  • Polish
  • Window Cleaner



The two types of mops are
  • Dust Mop to clean dirt
  • Wet mop to clean the floors


The two ways we clean windows are

  • Window Cleaner with yellow rag
  • Squeegee with squeegee bucket


3 items we disinfect in the hospital room
  • we sanitize the table
  • we sanitize the chairs
  • we sanitize the lamp

Bed changing

The purpose of sanitary bed changing is changing bed linens can prevent skin infections.

4 techniques to sanitary bed changing are

  • we wash hands
  • we pick up in order that you are going to use
  • we set items on a cleaner surface
  • we raise height of bed to save back hip high