Dragon Ball Z Volume One

Made By Akira Toriyama


Son Goku is a hero on earth nobody know,s how he gets his incredible strength then one day a visitor from space came to earth this alien person has terrible news Goku is an alien!! who was the visitor though it was Raditz Goku,s brother but Raditz turns out to be a an ruthless killer so the Demon King (Piccolo) and Goku team together to beat Raditz who will win?


The setting is Earth


Just keep swimming no matter how hard the current.

If there is no struggle there is no progress.


The person in the picture is Akira Toriyama the author


It is the Dragon Balls


Nothing up my sleeve.

Antagonist (Raditz)

Raditz is the alien from space which is Goku,s brother but came to earth hoping Goku had killed every human on earth but instead he protected the earth and now Raditz has took Goku,s son Gohan and now Goku has to defeat Raditz to save his son and earth.
Hero by Skillet (With Lyrics)