Democratic Party

'The People's Party'

All The Details

The donkey symbol comes from when Andrew Jackson ran for president, his opponents trying to ridicule him. Jackson's stubborn nature revealed itself when Jackson included the donkey in his campaign posters.

Party Color- Blue

Former Democratic Presidents



Democratic Party supports the Pro-Choice movement on abortion. They look to pursue equal rights between same-sex marriages under the law. Democrats want stricter guidelines on the death penalty, not for it to be so widely conducted. The Democratic party supports the expansion of the Welfare system.


The Democratic party wants to pull all US troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, and cut military budgets and spending.


Democrats seek to cut taxes for working families aside from millionaires.

Foreign Policy

Democratic party supports the state of Israel. They also support the idea that nation-building can prevent military action.

How About No: Issues Party Is Against

Democrats support the Roe v Wade Supreme Court case, ergo as a party are firmly against abortion being made illegal.

Democrats are adamantly against lenient gun laws

Loyal States (Blue)

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