A Little Bit Scary

by, Alex Spector

You may think that Fatymongocrazywitchthing is a little bit scary but...

  • He is good with you using his belly as a trampoline .
  • He is super dooper funny and he makes up super funny jokes.
  • His horns are stuffed with puffballs and felt.
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Good Deeds

  • He helped a kitten get out of a tree.
  • He helped the three little pigs get away the second time the big bad wolf tried to eat them.
  • He chases hunters away so they do not hunt endangered animals.

Fatymongocrazywitchthing`s Famliy

He has a mom, dad, sister, and two brothers. His mom is named Sally, his dad is named Bob, his sister is named Alexa, one of his brothers is named Jordan, the other one is named Andrew.


  • He has joined the tennis club with his brothers.
  • He has joined the kitten lovers club with his sister.
  • He is in a band called the bandets with his brothers

Fatymongocrazywitchthing`s Favorite Things

  • His absolute favorite thing to eat is cheesecake, and hotdogs.
  • His favorite sport is tennis.