The Hellenic Republic

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Greece's Government

Greece is a nation that dates back before Christ. It's empire's power was on par with the famous Roman Empire and shared many similarities in government. Greece is where the first elements of democracy was practiced and created. It is now a constitutional republic and has a capitalistic economy
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Greece's Economy Crisis

As of August of 2015, Greece's economy was ranked the 30th least developed in the world. This is because Greece is in a lot of debt. Greece continues to take out large loans and foreign aid from countries like Germany and unions like the European Union. This crisis has been a catalyst for extremist groups to try to seize Greece's government.

Greece's Civil Conflict

Along with mass immigration from other nations like Syria and Iraq, and the economy crisis, Greece is also suffering from internal conflict between extremist groups. These groups are far-right groups like 'Golden Dawn' and far-left groups like 'The Worker's Party of Greece.