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Spring 2019

Happy Spring!

The Rice Lake School District has many opportunities available for students, both during and outside of the school day. We are continuously seeking ways to highlight student strengths by providing programming and extra-curricular opportunities. Download the file below to see a list of some of the academic and club opportunities currently available to K-12 students within our district.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Hopefully warmer weather is on the way!

Kari Donze

GT Coordinator

Gifted & Talented Grant Opportunities at CESA 11

Young Author's Workshop

The Northwest Wisconsin Reading Council hosted a Young Author's Workshop Saturday, April 27, 2019 for students in 2nd-5th grade. Young authors from surrounding school districts gathered at Tainter Elementary School in Rice Lake. Each student brought a piece of writing to share at the workshop. Reading Council members and other teachers facilitated sharing sessions. Published author Manley Peterson presented to students as well. What an incredible opportunity for young writers to interact in a small group with a published author!

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RLASD Summer Academy

Session 1: July 15th-July 26th

Session 2: July 29th-Aug. 9th

For more information and to sign up for summer academy classes, please click on the following link:

2019 Wisconsin Summer Camps & Activities

Here are some summer opportunities for kids that occur in our state.

Concordia Language Villages

Summer Language Immersion Programs located in the midwest. Concordia's immersion approach to language teaching provides villagers with a culturally authentic setting filled with carefully designed opportunities. Their well-trained language teachers will help you practice your new language skills all day, every day.

Rice Lake Area School District Student Artwork on Display for Youth Art Month at WITC

March was Youth Art Month! Students from nine area schools, grades K-12, had artwork selected and mounted at WITC-Rice Lake. Students and teachers celebrated by gathering and admiring the over 300 pieces of artwork. The artwork was on display through most of March. The artwork shared below is those of 5th-8th grade students from RLASD. --Mrs. Oyarbide

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Resources for Parents

The Fringy Bit: Blog & Podcasts

Real support and stories about loving someone who is wired a bit differently. Psychologists Jon and Heather Boorman share stories and experiences from raising gifted children. Their experience and expertise in all things gifted make their stories incredibly relatable for those in the midst of parenting a gifted child.

From NAGC's Parenting Resources:

Perfectionism affects many populations but poses special concerns for gifted students. Many gifted children face unchallenging schoolwork and can achieve at perfect (or near-perfect) scores with relatively little effort. Their achievement expectations often become reinforced by teachers, parents, and even peer groups—and puts them at particular risk for perfectionistic behaviors. Perfectionism manifests in children in several ways, and there are strategies for adults to help their children. Click on the link below to download a resource from the National Association for Gifted Children regarding perfectionism in children.