Healthy Habits


Do you want to be healthy?If so then start to follow the dietary guidelines rules also eat the right nutrients plus don't forget to read food labels.Its very easy to stay healthy and it makes makes you feel great.

Information about the six nutrients

A nutrient is something in foods and drinks that the body uses.Carbohydrates are the main energy source of the body. Protein helps you grow and repair cells. fats help cells store vitamins and vitamins helps your body use other nutrients. Minerals help keep your body working correct. Water helps your body use other foods. There are two important carbohydrates simple and complex. kids over 2 should get about 30% daily of fat. Protein from animal meat is called complete and protein from vegetables is called incomplete. People who don't get enough minerals get health problems. Two types of vitamins are water soluble and fat soluble.
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All About Dietary Guidelines

The dietary guidelines are optional goals to help you stay healthy.The dietary guidelines was made by the U.S government. The guidelines help you stay healthy and live longer. There is nine dietary guidelines also the dietary guidelines lists foods you should and shouldn't eat. The dietary guidelines says you must be active every day you should have less than 1/4 teaspoons of salt. The dietary guidelines tells you why you should stay at a good weight.
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Facts About Food Labels

Food labels tells you what is in the food you eat and lists its labels are outside of packed foods. Food labels tells how many calories are in a serving of food. Food labels base there percentages on a 2.000 calories diet. The first ingredient is the most added ingredient and the last ingredient is the least added ingredient. Saturated fat and trans fat are the bad fats and polyunsaturated monounsaturated fats are the good fats food labels tells you how much good and bad fats their is in foods. If food labels are similar and one is cheaper it would be better to get that than the other one that costs more.
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Its great to live healthy. Make sure to follow the dietary guidelines think about having nutrients and read the food labels. You will have a great healthy life.