CRJH 8th Grade Celebration

A Night Under The Stars

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2021 CRJH 8th Grade Celebration Information

Attention 8th Grade Parents

All CRJH 8th Graders are invited to attend the 8th Grade Party and Dance. It will be an indoor party with a DJ, dancing, food, games, and fun!

In order for your student to attend, you must fill out a permission form, submit it AND purchase a ticket by May 14th.

The event is for CURRENT CRJH 8th-grade students ONLY.
KVA or in-person

Click the buttons below to complete the permission form and to purchase a ticket.

We are also accepting donations!

Required Steps to Attend the 8th Grade Celebration

  1. Purchase a ticket $25 each
  2. Read the Event Guidelines
  3. Fill out the Parent Permission Form
  4. Student must bring their Current CRJH Student ID (or have a photo of it on their phone)
Purchase your Ticket Here

Tickets are $25 each No Refunds will be given for any reason The deadline to purchase is May 14th No physical tickets will be given Email confirmation is sent upon the ticket purchase

Step 2 Event Guidelines

Read the event guidelines below. Please make sure that your student reads these guidelines and agrees to follow them.

  • You must be a current CRJH 8th-grade student to attend (no friends from other schools)
  • No parent may attend unless they are an official PTA volunteer
  • Student must show their Current CRJH Student ID to enter
  • In order to maintain a safe environment, students must arrive by 8PM and are expected to remain until the event ends.
  • Students who arrive after 8PM will not be admitted
  • Students who leave early for any reason will not be allowed to return

Dates are not necessary. Enjoy this event with your friends


  • Masks are required unless eating or drinking
  • Social distancing will be implemented for the check-in and food lines
  • Volunteers and staff will be wearing masks; those handling food will be wearing gloves
  • Food will be single-serve items, grab and go style.
  • The event will be a lock-in for security purposes. Students will be inside the CRJH building.
  • A security officer will be present and Campus Administrators will be on duty.
  • Parents who wish to pick up their student early (before 9:15 pm) can do so only if the parent/guardian (identification required) comes into the hallway by the gyms and signs out the student at the time they are leaving. You may NOT pick up students from another family early.
  • No limousines allowed (KISD policy)


  • Parents will drop off students in the SIDE CARPOOL LINE starting by 7 pm
  • Students must arrive by 8 pm to enter the celebration


  • Students must stay for the entire event and should be picked up by 9:30. Parents may arrive by 9:25. Students will be picked up at the SIDE CARPOOL LINE by the gyms.

    No walking or riding a bike home.


  • Inappropriate behavior will result in removal from the party
  • All KISD rules will be strictly enforced (see the KISD Discipline Management Plan)
  • Students will be expected to dance appropriately (no "grinding").
  • Students will be given one warning for inappropriate behavior. If they do not comply, they will be asked to leave the event and a guardian will be called.


  • Students are permitted to bring cell phones or cameras
  • Phone use should be for photos or to contact parents only

Click the button below to fill out the Google Permission Form

  • This form is used as a permission slip for your student to attend as well as for contact information in case of an emergency.

Semi-Formal Attire Suggested

Dress Nicely, but comfortably so that you can enjoy playing and celebrating with your friends.

Suggested Attire:

  • Boys - collared shirt with nice slacks
  • Girls - dress, skirt, or nice slacks

See examples below

Dress Code

8th Grade Celebration Dress Code

If there are questions about the appropriateness of your 8th grade celebration attire, please ask Ms. Legler, the 8th Grade Assistant Principal, prior to the party. You may email Ms. Legler if you have additional questions.

Dress Code Policy will be enforced

  • Be sure that all attire displays modesty and age appropriateness
  • Spaghetti straps will be allowed
  • Backless or strapless dresses or shirts will NOT be allowed
  • The front neckline of a dress must not come lower than the top of the armpits when arms are held straight out. See-through mesh will not be considered appropriate if removing the mesh would make the dress or shirt unacceptable to the celebration dress code.
  • Dresses may not be shorter than mid-thigh. Slits may not be above mid-thigh.
  • The midriff may not show. If the outfit is two pieces, the midriff may not show when arms are raised.
  • Cutouts are not allowed
  • Pants must be worn at the waist and belted if needed. They may not be touching the ground, covering the foot, or excessively baggy. Pants must be hemmed with no split or fringed edges. There may not be holes in the pants.
  • No shorts
  • Shirts or blouses may not be oversized or immodestly undersized. Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Students who come dressed inappropriately will be asked to wear a t-shirt over their top or return home and come back within dress code guidelines.
  • Suit coats and sport coats are acceptable for this occasion, but not required.
  • No tuxedos



If you have a question, please email Lori Conran, the CRJH 8th Grade Celebration Chairperson