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Caleb Davis Bradam is the man who invented soda. He had a lot of different kind of sugar flavor so he miked all of them together so he call it soda.

time line

may 27 1867- Caleb was born

1890-soda fountains in Drugstores were all the range

1886-he went to university of north Carolina

1889-he graduating then he went to Madicine university of Maryland

august 28 1898 he change the the name to Pepsi cola

1902-he turned the pharmacy over to his assistant,R.F.Butler

1907-he sold over 100,000 gallons (380, 000 L) of soda


This shop was the most popular store were people love to go.The next thing that change was he mixed more an more sugar flavor. And they change the logo. And the logo is in front of the bissnisses.And lot of people is going there more ofthen .
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Impact on society(evidence 1,2,3)

There were no problem with society because every body love to go there so there no problems. And lots more people wanna come now.

Interesting information om this person

  • he try different kind of soda every day
  • once he made money he made the company bigger
  • sold more soda (50 cents each) If there was no soda invented the world would be depressed because they would not have some new.
  • what is the most important product sold? soda is the most best product that was sold
  • how is the product marketed ? by commercials
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