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What you need to know about Cash for Cars!

Getting rid of old vehicles or "clunkers" can seem like a daunting task and that is why many of us never get rid of them - they just sit in our yard or on on property for years collecting dust.

For others, their car just isn't worth much to sell to a dealer or online so they feel stuck, even though getting rid of the car for some extra cash would be nice.

You may have heard about the CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) from 2009 that encouraged consumers to trade in their old, clunker cars for cash and purchase new, more fuel efficient vehicles when trading in a less fuel-efficient vehicle.

The program, also known as "cash for clunkers" was a $3 billion U.S. Federally funded program and was a success in getting clunkers off the road and helping consumers be able to afford a better car.

It was a win-win for everyone but unfortunately, the program only lasted roughly a year, leaving consumers wondering what to do with their clunkers now.

For those wondering if there are any "cash for clunkers" type programs still out there, the answer it YES!

Although there is no government program (other than California), cash for clunkers is now a private buyer service that is designed to connect sellers with local CASH buyers that will even pickup your car for free!

The State of California Cash for Clunkers, called CAP, is run and operated by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR).

However, they have pretty strict criteria for what cars they buy back and it can take up to 90 days to receive payment once your application has been accepted.

We know that not everyone lives in California and not everyone's clunker will qualify for the CAP program, so for the rest of us, there's Cash4Clunkers.org.

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~ We Pay the Highest Prices for Junk Cars Near Me ~

Cash for Cars is the EASIEST and QUICKEST way to sell your clunker.

We pay CASH for vehicles in literally ANY condition (running or not, broken down, crashed, etc) and when possible, we will pickup the car for FREE.

With Cash 4 Clunkers, the shape your car is in makes no difference to us.

We've purchased even the clunkiest of clunkers and we've bought everything from like-new, to used, to damaged, and even total loss vehicles.

Whether your car is worth $100 or $100,000, there is a buyer out there and we have the connections.

We have a large connection with local buyers looking for cars, trucks, vans and vehicles just like yours and our mission is to help you sell your car fast and easily and here is how:

  • Instant offers for your car (running or not) is something that many people want and to get started you simply fill out our no obligation Quote Form and we'll get you an offer FAST!
  • We Offer the Most competitive rates for Any Vehicle that you are not interested in keeping - we will reach out with our offer.
  • After you've received our NO OBLIGATION offer for your Clunker or Old Used Car, you'll have the opportunity to Get Cash quickly by setting up a pick-up or drop-off time. Yes, we pickup for Free!
  • Get Paid in Full for the Vehicle you have junked or scraped!

99% of sellers who use Cash 4 Clunkers are happy with their cash offer and so once they accepts, we facilitate and make arrangements to pick up your vehicle and pay you cash.

We really do make it that simple!

Up next we will answer a few frequently asked questions that you may have.

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What if I don't have a Title or Pink slip for my vehicle?

This is an issue that many sellers run into - it is really hard to sell a vehicle without a title or pink-slip.

Well, you are in luck because we buy cars without titles.

If you don't have a title for your vehicle, we just ask that you have a current and valid driver's license and a valid car registration.

When you fill out our forms, just mention that you don't have a car title so we don't ask you for one later.

Many sellers don't have titles, especially for older cars that they aren't driving, and we want to make this experience easy for you and we want to work with you.

Are there any hidden fees?

Our answer will always be NO!

There is no fee for selling your car to us, in fact, it is 100% free to you from start to finish.

Our quote is a No-Obligation quote and if you decide to sell your car to us, it is as straight forward as we say - no hidden fees, no surprises, no gimmicks.

My car was in an accident and has obvious damage and is not driveable, does that matter?

This is what we would call an "as-is" vehicle.

Selling a car "as-is" can be difficult, especially if the condition of the car is on the poor side - damaged, wrecked, not running, etc.

Whatever the scenario, we buy cars in any condition.

We buy cars in any condition, as-is, and we pay CASH - top dollar, without stipulations, hidden fees or surprises.

If the car is not drivable, we will pick it up for FREE.

How much is my junk car worth?

This can be a little trickier because most people don't see much value in a non-running junk car, but our network of buyers do.

The value of your car depends on the variable price of scrap metals but you can get a general idea by doing the following:

  • Find the same make and model of your car with similar mileage so you know its selling price.
  • Compare several different vehicles like yours for sale to find the average price.
  • After you have an average price, you will want to reduce that by 50-60% depending on the condition of your vehicle, and that fact that it is not running, crashed, broken down, etc.

The harsh reality is that most buyers are not looking for non-running or junk vehicles, and if they are, they are going to want to pay as little as possible for the vehicle, given its condition.

If you have a junk car that you have been holding on to, we would love to give you a Free No-Obligation quote.

What cars quality for Cash 4 Clunkers?

There are no restrictions on the types of cars we will buy.

We buy any type of car, truck, van, or SUV in literally ANY CONDITION.

Like we said before, our connection of buyers is huge and we have buys looking for cars in all kinds of conditions.

Let us Quote you and get the process started.

If you are looking for the easiest and quickest way to sell your vehicle, call Cash 4 Clunkers.

We not only pay CASH for vehicles in ANY condition, but in some cases, we are able to pick the vehicle up that same day.

The value of you junk car or clunker decreases with each passing day, so why not get a Free No-Obligation Quote and get some extra CASH!

Cash 4 Clunkers makes it simple and quick, in just a matter of minutes, you can get a top dollar offer on your vehicle and get paid ASAP!

No unwanted surprises, contract, hidden fees, or headaches.

Benefits of Using Cash4Clunkers.Org

  • No hassle of posting your car online and meeting with potential buyers
  • No dealer fees or low-ball offers from local dealerships
  • If you plan on selling the car for scraps, you have to sell it piece by piece - we buy the entire car AS-IS
  • No Title, no problem!
  • Sell your car with a quick easy phone call or online Quote without ever having to leave your house or do any of the legwork.
  • We already have a huge network of buyers that we bring to you by a simple phone call or online quote request!
  • Free NO-OBLIGATION quote
  • No hidden fees or stipulations
  • Sell your junk or clunkers for CASH
  • We offer the most competitive rates for any vehicle that you are not interested in keeping
  • Easy transport - either towing or drop-off
  • Our process is Fast, Secure, and Free for the seller
  • Get money quickly!

Our buyers have been in the auto industry for over 35 years and with the help of Cash 4 Clunkers, we make the car selling process as easy as possible.

Again, not only do we get you CASH for your JUNK CAR, we get it towed away for FREE, and in some cases in as little as 24 hours!

Our quotes are free with ZERO Obligation!

Once you accept our Cash offer (and we know you will because we always offer the most competitive price), we will do the rest and get you your cash Fast!

Just fill out the form or call us and lets get that junker out of your way and get you some Cash in hand!

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Do We Pay Cash for Junk cars "No title No Registration" ???

YES, We will Any Vehicle and Give you A Very Competitive Quote:

*Please Note: $500 for Junk Cars is normal, but not Always what we pay, so please have all your Vehicle Information and We'll Get you an Accurate Online Quote

Cash for Clunkers Near Me!

We Service and Buy Junk Cars & Clunkers throughout the Entire USA.

We'll Pay Cash for Cars in all of these States:

Alabama , Alaska , Arizona , Arkansas , California , Colorado , Connecticut , Delaware , Florida , Georgia , Hawaii , Idaho , Illinois , Indiana , Iowa , Kansas , Kentucky , Louisiana , Maine , Maryland , Massachusetts , Michigan , Minnesota , Mississippi , Missouri , Montana , Nebraska , Nevada , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New Mexico , New York , North Carolina , North Dakota , Ohio , Oklahoma , Oregon , Pennsylvania , Rhode Island , South Carolina , South Dakota , Tennessee , Texas , Utah , Vermont , Virginia , Washington , West Virginia , Wisconsin , Wyoming