Christmas Around The World Project

By: Gavin Jackson

Christmas in Wales

Caroling is very popular in Wales and in Wales caroling is called eisteddfodde. They also do a thing called Mari llwyd and what they do is travel around town draped in whit carrying a horses skull on a long pole. Another thing about Christmas in Wales is that anyone that is given the "bite" by the horses jaw must pay a fine.

Christmas in South America

The main focus of the season in South America throughout the continent is presepio (the manager). Often a whole room is devoted to the presepio display completed with landscape and tiny figures made to scale. Though the central feature is the manager at Bethlehem and elaborate scenes will include hills full of shepherds gazing upon the heavily host which is the wise men crossing the dessert on their camels, water mills, grottos, electric trains, and even sailboats on the sea.