All About Data


Qualitative and Quantitative

Qualitative describes something and it is opinion based.Examples color,taste,appearance and touch.Quantitative something that can be measured or counted and uses specific facts. Examples length,weight and age.

Univariate and Bivariate

Univariate do not compare any thing and examinines one deals with mean,median,range,and mode.You can plot it on histograms, dot plot and stem & leaf plot. Bivariate compares two variables. A scatterplot will show the line that best fits or curve the best.

It is useful one number because you don't have to do alot of work.It is useful to compare and see how things relate you could see the difference in things.


How is data displayed?

Data is displayed by stem & leaf plots and Circle graphs.In this picture there are 43 people who drive cars and 13 people who drive motorcycles that's how the data is displayed in circle graphs.

How is data displayed?

Data can also be displayed by a stem & leaf plot.The picture on the bottom you can see how the data is displayed you can find the mean,median,mode, and range for example.The Mode would be 47,35 the Range would be 55.
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What patterns can you find in Univariate Data ?

There are 4 patterns Mean,Mode,Median, and Range.Mean is the is the average you find that by adding all numbers then divide by how many numbers there are. Mode is the number you see most often. Median is the middle number. Range is when you take the largest number and the smallest number and you subtract them.

How is data useful in solving problems ?

It shows different things it helps you discover. It can also prove something.