Year 9 Advertising Assignment

Ms. Bedggood Line 4 English, Miguel & Mai

Advertising Assignment

In this assignment we are required to use persuasive language to convince people to buy a product that we create, we are also required to come up with a company name and logo.
Our company is 'Etereo' and our product is a deodorant for men. Our company produces a line of toiletries and hygiene products.For this particular campaign we will be advertising men's deodorant we have created different scents of deodorant for different types of men.

There will be three scents of deodorant called; Pursuit, Extreme and Musk in each different type of deodorant we will be changing the themes for each one. The colors in the ad for the deodorants will each be different for example; Pursuit will be subtle colours, Extreme will be shades of blue, Musk will be warm colours e.g reds and oranges.

Persuasive Technique

The persuasive techniques that will be used in this ad are; exaggeration the way exaggeration will be used in this ad is when they make a shady deal in an alleyway and they make a big deal from receiving the deodorant, at first guy one does not get noticed at all by people then when he uses the deodorant boom he has everyones attention. the reason why we are using that form of exaggeration is because we think it will appeal to people if they were to see this ad because a nobody all of a sudden turns into the person everyone wants.

Script Summary

guy 1 is walking around school
girls 1, 2 and 3 bump into guy 1 but girl 1, 2 and 3 do not notice him at all as if he isnt there
guy 1 gets ignored by everyone
guy 1 sees guy 2 with 'attractive' girls
guy 1: "how do you get so many hot girls?"
guy 2: "okay you cant tell anyone man, but call this number and tell him 'stan' sent you."
guy 2 walks away with chicks
guy 1 dials number


guy 1 goes to alley way
gets approached by shady looking guy 3
guy 3: "do you have the money? "
guy 1 hands envelope of money to guy 3
guy 3 hands guy 1 a small box
guy 3 creeps back into shadows


guy 1 runs back to school as the bell rings
guy 1 opens small box and finds deodorant, puts on deodorant *dramatically*

girl 1, 2 and 3 turn heads dramatically towards guy 1
girl 4, 5 and guy 3 turn heads towards guy 1
everyone runs to guy 1

guy 1 smiles at girl 1 and girl 1 faints