Class Procedures

Assignments and Agenda

Class Procedures Assignments and Agenda


All classwork that is not completed in class becomes homework. Students write their assignments in their agendas on a daily basis. They are required to write each assignment we do in class and place a check next to the assignment, if they did complete the assignment.

Agendas: Agendas must be signed daily by parents. *Please check agendas for behavior codes and notes from Dr. Wise.

Tests: The following tests are given each Friday: spelling test, reading vocabulary test, reading story and skill test, and daily oral language test.

Tests for Social Studies and Science: Students will receive study guides to help them prepare for the tests. Students will be given extra credit if parents sign their child's study guide; this informs Dr. Wise that the parents did see their child study for at least 30 minutes.

Extra Credit: Students may correct most of their work and receive extra points back. Reports, essays, notes, posters, and projects that are approved by Dr. Wise will also be accepted for extra credit.

Graded Papers: All graded papers go home on Fridays. Students are allowed to keep these papers.

Make Up Work: Students have five school days to make up their assignments before late points are taken off. Students should check the class website for missed work and ask Dr. Wise for their make up work.

Email: Email is checked several times a day and is the best way to get in touch with Dr.Wise. Please feel free to email if you have concerns, questions, or just need to give information about your child.

Newsletters: All newsletters are on the Newsletter Link on this website. You can find important dates and upcoming events, reading and spelling words, helpful links to study vocabulary and spelling, classroom news, and the skills we are learning in each subject.

BYOD: Students are allowed to bring their own devices to my classroom, please follow the BYOD guidelines, see the link below.


Snacks: Students are allowed to bring in a water bottle and a snack; no candy for snack

Lunch: Parents are allowed to eat lunch with their child at our lunch time, you will sit with your child at the designated lunch table for visitors

Lockers: Students are not allowed to have locks on their lockers

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