Waikato Literacy Association - Start of Term 3, 2021

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Ngā mihi o te tau hou Māori ki a tātou katoa

Matariki hunga-nui

Matariki ahunga-nui

Te mātahi o te tau hou Māori

Te kohinga whetū i te uma o Ranginui

Wheriko mai i te rangi

Hei whetū takiaho, hei whetū kōrako

Ngā mata o te ariki Tāwhirimātea e rere

E ngā mana

E ngā reo

E ngā karanga maha o Waikato nei

Ngā tini mate o te tau

Haere, haere, haere atu rā

Haere atu koutou ki tua o te ārai

Ki ngā huihuinga o ngā tini whetū e pīataata mai rā

Tihei mauri ora!

Ki a tātou, ngā mahuetanga o rātou

Ngā mihi o Matariki ki a tātou katoa

Matariki e ara e!

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A word from our President...

As Jill Eggleton was introduced prior to speaking at Endeavour School we were forewarned that the level of inspiration would be such that the next day we would be throwing out our teaching plans and instead spending the day focusing on poetry- how true this was for me. Jill’s “Power of Poetry” Presentation (-see what I mean? That alliteration was entirely accidental!) had some very powerful messaging about the importance of exposing children to short bursts of poetry every day, across all levels, as a means of improving both engagement and literacy skills. The following morning I was rummaging through the resource room dragging out anything that resembled a poem. I found a few old ones, but I was now seeing them with fresh eyes. Rhyme, rhythm, word order and other elements of poetry now meant something to me. There was also a great article about teaching Poetry (the word now has a capital letter so I’m reminded of its importance) in our most recent edition of Literacy Forum NZ, which has links to some great online resources- it is written with a teacher perspective so is worth looking at, if you haven’t read this already. On a side note, we have been advised by NZLA (New Zealand Literacy Association) that, all going to plan, our next Literacy Forum will be digital.

Also at a national level I would like to congratulate the recipient of the Marie Clay Early Career Award & and the three Waikato teachers who won the Experienced Teacher Award. We look forward to seeing them in the sunny Hawkes Bay at this year’s NZLA Literacy conference. By the way, I highly recommend going this year- as always the line up of keynote speakers is fantastic (there are one or two wineries in the area if you’re that way inclined).

We are currently organising our amazing line-up of authors and illustrators for our Young Authors & Illustrators Conference which will take place in September at Berkley Normal Middle School. This student event is a favourite, so sign up early.

Enjoy the rest of your term and I am sure I’ll see some of you in Hawkes Bay at our National Conference.


Reporting Back

Libraries Alive…Take 2!

After much planning and preparing our Event in 2020 we were disappointed to have to postpone but…It was worth the wait!!!

A number of Waikato Literacy Association member schools joined us at Southwell School for our

“Book Club” Extravaganza!

We enjoyed presentations from NZ National Library facilitators, ideas from ‘book club’ members, an origami bookmark activity, a book themed game of Pictionary plus all of our school groups went away with 5 NEW books to add to their school library collections.

We are very grateful for the continuing support from Scholastic NZ, NZ National Library Facilitators, Te Totara Librarian – Michelle, The Hamilton City Libraries team, Southwell School librarian – Penny plus the dedicated teachers and student librarians who are working their magic in schools around the Waikato!

As teams completed the activities they added a ‘tag’ to their key ring to show how many amazing ‘library sports’ they had engaged in.

Watch out for information at the end of this year so that you can prepare to join us in 2022!

@WLA Libraries Alive 2022

National Simultaneous Storytime 2021

This is Manawaru School’s third year of participating in the National Simultaneous Storytime. 2021’s book was called “Give me some Space”, written by Phillip Bunting and read by Shannon Walker, (an actual astronaut who read the story in the international space station. - Pretty awesome!)

In this spacetacular tale, a young girl named Una has always loved space. She has so many questions about the solar system and wants to become an astronaut to find out if there is life on other planets. So Una decides to get the equipment to solve this cosmic mystery by gathering the protection that she would need. She borrowed a snowsuit and ski gloves from her cousin Carl, ugg boots from her mother, and her pet fish Neil's fish bowl (as a helmet). After she had gathered her equipment she attempted to get into space three times! She finally got a rocket and catapulted herself into space to begin her adventure. She passes Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune but not a single planet has life. After a while of exploring the solar system she abruptly finds a planet glowing and orbiting around its star. As Una moved closer she realized that this captivating planet was Earth! She finds out that there is life in space, we are life in space. We personally thought that this book was an interesting take on life in space. It's filled with facts about the solar system and a book that is suitable for all ages. Even our teacher learned facts about Space (and she's old- sorry Miss S)

Scholastic did a great job at selecting this year's book and reading it at the same time as other children in New Zealand and Australia is kind of cool. If you haven’t been involved before we thoroughly recommend you give it a go next year.

Elayna, Yasmin and Katy

Room 1 - Manawaru School

NZLA Annual Meeting

The NZLA annual meeting is held in Wellington and is an excellent opportunity to network with other literacy educators and share ideas about the thing we all have in common: A love of BOOKS! It's also a great way to learn about the inner workings of this very busy, highly driven national organisation, dedicated to promoting literacy throughout NZ and the wider Pasific.

I really enjoyed meeting other delegates and was inspired by the incredible amount of work being put in by the NZLA's Exec. team and by all of the regional literacy associations. I was also very proud to note that the Waikato Literacy Association is one of the most active in New Zealand.

Of course, no visit to Wellington would be complete without a visit to a yummy food joint or two!

Looking Ahead

WLA Young Authors' Day - Event for Students

It's back - we are super excited to be hosting Young Authors' Day once again at Berkley Normal Middle School Hamilton on Saturday 4th September. Do you have some talented writers in your school who would love to hear from published authors.

Limited to Waikato Literacy Association Member Schools only.

Register below

NZLA Conference in Havelock North

Why not kickstart your October holidays with a bit of professional development in the sunny Hawks Bay (also renowned for its vineyards).

The conference programme will be released shortly but here's the inside word on which Keynote Speakers will be presenting:

Professor Russell Bishop, Dr Murray Gadd, Dr Alison Davis, Sir Ian Taylor, Sheena Cameron & Louise Dempsey.

Follow the link below for more information on our NZLA website:

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Marie Clay Experienced Teacher Awards

CONGRATULATIONS to the following three Waikato Teachers who were awarded $500 from the Marie Clay Trust to attend this year's National Literacy Conference.

Kelly-Anne Powers from Manunui School, Taumarunui

Emma Hyde from St Joseph's School, Morrinsville

Lorraine Bristol from Forest Lake School, Hamilton

Marie Clay Early Career Teacher Award

The New Zealand Literacy Association (NZLA) is proud to have a long history, partnership and connection to the work of Dame Marie Clay, an educator and pioneer in promoting literacy practice.

Each year the Marie Clay Literacy Trust generously provides funding for teachers to improve their Literacy practice through attendance at the NZLA National Conference.

Through the support of the Marie Clay Literacy Trust the Waikato Literacy Association (WLA) is fortunate to be able to offer an Early Career Teacher Award (up to and including six years' teaching experience) to the value of $1000. This is awarded to an individual member of WLA or a staff member from a member school of the WLA.

In 2021 the award is given for the recipient to attend this year's, 'Weaving our Stories: Raranga i ā tātau kōrero' NZ Literacy Association Conference, held on the 4th - 5th October 2021 at the stunning Blyth Performing Arts Centre, Iona College in picturesque Havelock North, Hawke’s Bay.

The successful candidate for the 2021 WLA Marie Clay Early Career Teacher Award is Keirryn Hintz from Knighton Normal School.

Ka mau te wehi e Keirryn!

WLA Membership

Check out the websites below for more news and views

Book Review

The Rainbow in my Heart, a book about emotions - review by Megan Bevan

Authors: Jessica Urlichs & Rebekah Ballagh (New Zealanders)

Publisher: Moa (Hatchett)

What does your body do when you're sad or angry? How do you show someone you are proud?

This is a gorgeously illustrated book, full of rhyme and metaphor. Written from a child's point of view, it beautifully expresses how little people might 'see' their feelings. If you are a parent or a teacher, this book would be a really lovely addition to your library.

Jess is also a poet and has written some really honest books from her perspective as a new mum. Check out her website

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