A Fallacy in Text

By:Issiah Adamson

Logical Fallacy:Composition,Agrumentum ad Baculum

Author: Rudyard Kipling

Text:White Man Burden

Logical Fallacy#1 argumentum ad baculum in Text: White Mans Burden

argumentum ad baculum is a fallacy in which someones argument appeals to fear or a threat this is seen in the text White Mans Burden (Kipling stanza 3) . "Watch sloth and heathen folly bring all your hopes to nought" this shows agrumentum ad baculum because the idea that lazy ungodly people will destroy your dreams when really what decides someones success is someones own drive and goals not the work of others

Logical Fallacy #2 Composition in Rudyard Kipling, White Mans Burden

Composition is a logical Fallacy in which people infer what is true of one piece is also true of the whole an example that supports this idea is this excerpt from the text White Mans Burden (Kipling, stanza 1) "Your new-caught sullen peoples half-devil and half child" this is composition because the poet assumes that these people who have been captured are demonic and evil when not all people who are sad are demonic