Scam artist?

Identity theft

How does this scam work and how does it target people

This scam will steal a persons name social security # or just anything that could be really important for later on in life. identity theft targets those who are usually 18-25 and also children.

Who will this effect and what would be the economic impact?

This would affect a child's or an adults credit score. Also should this happen the one person with their identity could do whatever they may wish to do because they have their identity and could really offset the original owners economic financial because they would not have that much money.

What will make this believable and do you think the average person would fall for this scam?

I would personally say that they would practice a lot and have to call a lot of people but there will always be that one person that ends up sharing their name location or social security #, this is what can get the average person caught. Also the way they talk and sound just like if it was a telemarketer is very believable.

What does this scam rely on to be successful and what emotion does the scam depend on?

This scam really rely's on the person who is having their identity stolen to be not so smart with scams and stuff. They other person being scammed would have to be to busy to do something that is confidential but they may have someone else do it for them and this could result in their identity being stolen.

Call 1-800-Scammed in order to help talk with professionals about your problem.