Friday Coffee Chat

Friday April 8, 2016

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It's here, it's here!!! WOOHOO! How exciting to have something to share with all your customers this weekend! I adore this new summer line. So FRESH, COLORFUL and FUN! It just puts me in a HAPPY MOOD!

I am loving that so many of you are taking action to BOOK one more show before you sample! The jewelry does no good sitting on your dining room table with no one to show it to! :) Keep reaching...rinse and repeat! You will see success!

So many times when I am feeling in a rut or not booking any shows, I make excuses for my lack of trying...

----It's not my week...

----I just don't have anyone that wants to book with me....

----Oh well, I'll try next month...

----I don't have time to reach out.....

Guess what? These are excuses ! If you REALLY want success, you have to go after it! I hear these phrases all the time...BUT I quickly brush them away and just DO IT! Who cares if I get a NO, a MAYBE, or someone ignores me. I know I am reaching out and doing my best! I know that eventually I will build up my calendar if I just keep on going!

I am challenging you this week to not listen to the excuses! GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!

Make this the best month ever!!!!

My personal focus is on TWO CORE things-- booking and sponsoring! See below for details on how we are helping to make these more FUN and EASY for you!

My team focus is HELPING YOU reach your April goals! I am scheduling next week's check in chat! Message me to schedule a time!




Angie Dorey

Kathryn Summers

Gretchen Mcdonel

Lynette Mulley

Pamela Meester

Carine Doody

Patti Lundrigan

Danielle Christopher

Natasha Boyd

Gina Bogda

Rebecca Holmes

Stephanie Titzel

Holly Morgan

Tara Williams

Cheering on these BRAND NEW STYLISTS who are ALL In their QUICK START period of JUMP START!

Help me cheer these ladies on! As part of anyone's Jump Start, sell $1000 in your first 30 days and earn a bonus $100 in product credit!

  • Sandi McLean of Middleton NS, welcomed by Erin Veinot
  • Sarah Strickland of St. John's NL, welcomed by Pamela Meester
  • Kathleen Hickey of Mendham NJ, welcomed by Nandini Collins
  • Cheryl Fougere of St. John's NL, welcomed by Amy Keough
  • Surelys Ammarito of Lancaster PA, welcomed by Holly Morgan
  • Jane Fitzgerald of Kingston NS, welcomed by Jackie Coleman
  • Glenda Rogers of Conception Bay South NL, welcomed by Danielle Christopher
  • Jennifer Philpott of Come by Chance NL, welcomed by Danielle Christopher
  • Jennifer Hibshman of Yardley PA, welcomed by Samantha Dorf
  • Lynette Mulley of Pouch Cove NL, welcomed by Pamela Meester
  • Julia Fraser-Chaubey of Kelowna BC, welcomed by Stacey Floris
  • Kathryn Summers of St. John's NL, welcomed by Christina Kearney


Did you hear the FABULOUS announcement on tonight's Summer WEBINAR! Starting today, Tuesday March 29th through Saturday, April 30th, a new Stylist can earn $750 in FREE accessories just by signing up! At the same time, YOU the Sponsor can earn an extra $100 in FREE accessories!

Think you are too new? NOPE! Think you don't know enough? Doesn't matter. I sponsored my first stylist on day 2 of joining. We figured it out together and our upline trained us together!

Here’s how it works:

A new Stylist gets $450 in product credit immediately upon sign up

  • that’s $100 extra!


  • When a New Stylist hits Quickstart (1000 PQV in the first 30 days) they get $300 in Product Credit
    • that’s $100 extra!
  • That new Stylist also earns at least $250 on their Little Blue Card from commissions!


  • As the Sponsor, you get $100 in product credit when your New Stylist hits Quickstart!

There has NEVER been a better time to SHARE THIS SDJOY!

Why would you want to grow your team?

* WAY more fun with a friend

* Learn the biz together

* Enjoy the feeling of team spirit

* Feeling of accomplishment helping others

* Being a leader is fun and inspiring

* Split your display with a friend or neighbor

* Layer your income

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Just like booking, we follow these 3 steps!

1- Build your list of WHO you think could enjoy Stella & Dot. This list DOES not just include women who have said, "Hey-- I am interested!" That would be entirely too dreamy if that was the case. Think outside the box-- customers who love our brand, past hostesses, women where Stella & Dot could be a solution for them (earning extra $$, guilt free girl time, the total fashionista, etc). The options are endless!

2- Warm her up (ideas to warm up are a text, email, private FB message)

3- Follow-up (ideas to warm up are to call her, text again, message, etc)


What a better way to WARM HER up, then to invite her to an ONLINE Facebook chat!

Every week in April, we will be offering an ONLINE STYLIST SNEAK PEEK Facebook chats for you to invite your Prospective stylist to head online for 30 minutes and learn about what Stella & Dot offers.

These Facebook events are PRIVATE events-- so I will personally need to ADD you first and then you are free to invite anyone you want! MESSAGE ME TO ADD YOU! Then follow up with prospectives and invite them!

The next one is MONDAY NIGHT- April 11th

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My Dream Chasers pacing group recorded this 30 minute call on our top tips for sponsoring last week!!

These women are the BEST OF THE BEST! Enjoy learning their top tips!
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Some WORDS TO SAY examples! Find one that works for you and create your own!

Hi Kate, I hope you are well! I couldn't help but reach out. You might think I am crazy but I think you’d really have fun doing this with me and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this with you! You know I like the fashion and flexibility around the kiddos schedule, plus it is just so darn fun and feels good. Stella & Dot just announced our best EVER special for gals thinking of joining. $199 can get earn $750 in freebies in your first month! It’s fun to try new things so I thought I’d just have some courage to text you. If you are a little intrigued, I’d love to invite you to an online Facebook chat this Monday night. And don’t worry if you aren't interested at all I won’t be offended….. we can just book a trunk show. Thoughts??

Hi! Hope you are well! Stella & Dot just announced a historical SPECIAL for gals thinking of joining. $199 gets you $450 in jewelry immediately-- with the ability to easily grow it to $750 in freebies within the first month! It's amazing! So, I went through my list of friends and realized you would be on my Dream Team if I got to pick who I wanted to be on this amazing journey with me. I've been a Stella &Dot Stylist for two years, and now that I've participated in this journey..I am more excited than ever to build a team and share what I know. This is more a community than a company.. And the experience continues to be fun and adventurous! No sales experience needed, and I've found that representing a company that's motivated to help you succeed is truly wonderful! Wearing awesome jewelry is an added bonus! Join me on Monday night for a line Facebook event, which will be hosted by my upline Director. If you have ever wanted to try something new, and you love gorgeous jewelry ... And you could use an extra $500-$1000/month... Just reply that you are GOING.. And you can jump on and ask questions.. And find out about the details. I took the leap two years ago, and it's been such a FUN journey....join me, or just check it out...... I hope you don't mind that I thought of you... This is truly a group of FABULOUS women! Let me know if you would like to join in and I will have you added.

I hope you are doing well and enjoy Easter weekend! So, this is going to sound totally out of left field, but I know you love accessories (just like me), so I had to reach out to invite as Stella & Dot just announced the most incredible special in our history for women joining our brand! $199 gets you $450 in jewelry immediately-- with the ability to easily grow it to $750 in freebies within the first month! It's amazing! In case you're the littlest bit intrigued, I'd love for you to join a LIVE Facebook event this Monday night to learn more about Stella & Dot. It will be hosted by my upline Director and mom to 3 kiddos. All you have to do is reply that you are GOING and you can be a fly on the wall or if you want, participate and ask lots of questions! Just so you know...I hear no all the time, so if you are like NO FREAKING WAY, that's totally OK! lol! However, join here if you're at all intrigued!

Hi Becky!
I have no idea if you would be interested in becoming a stylist, but there is so much opportunity and YOU would be great! Stella & Dot just announced the most incredible special in our history for women joining our brand! $199 gets you $450 in jewelry immediately-- with the ability to easily grow it to $750 in freebies within the first month!
I just invited you to a Virtual Meet Stella & Dot Event for this Sunday night. Just click going or maybe to see the posts. It will be super casual, so grab a drink and follow along...easy to do while you are doing other's all through FB. And, if you attend you may win a free piece of jewelry from our Spring Collection! Jump on if you can:

Have questions? Need help? Want to chat?

Let's set up a time! I am here to help YOU make April AMAZING! Contact me!

xo, Gina Bogda, Director

Heart of Leadership Director and Founding Leader of the incredible Gem Fatales Golden Gems Team! We are an international team of Stella & Dot stylists who support each other in person and in our virtual board rooms! It's good to be a Golden Gem!